June 07, 2006

Horse 562 - 26 in 26, A-Z of Stuff

In 26 words (or less) write something on a subject for every letter of the alphabet:

Everyone needs to create something, it's just that some people have more skill than others. Artists dare to dream about that which has not yet been.

I'm the man in the Big Black Boots who stomps and stomps and stomps and stomps and stomps and stomps until it's time to stop.

Put on your Adidas jacket and your trainers, it's time go loiter around the off-licence. Mostly found on Giro day.

That's nothing compared to the damage and pain I am going to inflict on you, with a single ordinary pencil.

Is alive and well and living in Guildford as a television sales and repairman.

For 90 minutes, life ceases to matter as all our hopes and expectations dissolve into the world inside a ball. Life's a ball!

Who doesn't love the smell of two-stroke and smoke as ten thousand bits of grass get decapitated?

There are too many people wearing not enough hats and not enough people wearing too many hats. Society is more civilised when it has hats.

Somewhere as the sun rolls away for the night, and darkness descends like a veil, this is the colour, upon which we rail.

It takes a very special person live a life without flaw and still be abused by the people he came to save.

Kawaii! Super-Kawaii!!

Poets and songwriters are the best people to describe this; while the rest of us chase and sometimes find it.

Mobile Phones:
Are you that important that you need to be contacted 24 hours a day? People got on fine when they did not have these infernal devices.

A sunbeam is perfect for napping in. Soon you'll have competition from wandering cats.

I'd be pretty grumpy too if I lived in the rubbish. Sesame Street also teaches you how to judge and label people.

Hmm, Pie. It's warm, meaty, tasty, yummy and just what one needs when outside is yukky. A pie is happiness wrapped in pastry.

Queuing is a remarkably British sport. I was in London once and an old lady asked me "Are you a queue?" Very strange that.

Rain, rain coming down. On the plain, on the rooves of the town. Every drop is like money falling out of the sky for the farmers.

One day in September, we want to remember. When again the titans battle for the flag at the G.

Let your darling children travel, wise one. You're as darling as they come - travel is OK!

All that summer we enjoyed it, wind and rain and shine, that umbrella we employed it, by August she was mine.

I'd much rather have a Griffin on my steering wheel than a lion. It's a pity about the chav Novas though.

White Day:
The 14th of March is a day for menfolk to repay the kindness done to them one month earlier.

Although fun to smell in a pen, do not make a habit of it lest your brain and nervous system cease to function.

If you ever needed proof that Coldplay were whiny whinge-rock then this is it. They should have been stopped there and then.

From on top of the Empire State Building, to the five boroughs and beyond, Z100 is the sound of New York City.

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