October 26, 2004

Horse 212 - Been Through The Desert On A Horse With No Name

And then the fury was unleashed... For those who have just tuned in and wondered "What the heck happened?" I have this to say. It appears as though Horse has joined the digital age. Like the advancement of DAB and Widescreen TV - that's 12:9 in the old money - Horse undertook its second transformation.
We hope that this new era brings an unrivalled level of crapidity to the world. For those who simply wish to view this site, the link is http://rollo75.blogspot.com/ but will still appear in the main window of the old site... it's called integration.
For the regulars, you'll notice the abscence of popups (as they all appear off the confines of the screen); most of all, I'll notice the seemingly subtle and more efficient method of posting these things.


Rollo said...

I'm so 1337 now. There's a comments section and it all looks so froody

Anonymous said...

b says - yes blogger is most froody and even a bit hoopy too. I hope this new found technology will not undermine the quality posts which I, for one, have come to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

You great twit. How are we going to get those Vader nasty posts now? I like black.

- Phillip