February 21, 2008

Horse 860 - I Dare Not Condemn This Man



Harrod's owner Mohamed al-Fayed, said on Monday that the death of Princess Diana and his son Dodi in a 1997 Paris car crash was murder and accused the British royal family of wanting to "get rid" of Diana. al-Fayed accused Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth's husband and Diana's former father-in-law, of being a "Nazi" and a "racist."

He's accused everyone from the French ambulance crew which he says was infiltrated by the secret service, to former Prime Minister Tony Blair, MI5, MI6, the CIA, the French DGSE, Britain's top police officers, two French pathologists and several newspaper editors, the driver of the Fiat Uno, limo driver Henri Paul, his own bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones and even the gentleman conducting the inquest Lord Justice Scott Baker in having a hand in this.

Whilst all of this on the surface sounds like the ramblings of a headcase and on the face of it is probably likely to be ignored or even laughed at by the general populace, I don't think that this is necessarily fair because it must be said that the man at the centre of this circus Mohamed al-Fayed, in this enquiry is first and formost a father. Make fun of his comments if you will, but here we have a gentleman who has lost his eldest son. Think about that.

This public display of vitriol is in reality a public working of grief. Call him what you will, the fact remains that Mr al-Fayed is a man who is hurting and quite badly. That is something which I don't think we'll ever understand, give the public arena which this is being played out in. I darest not condemn this man.

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