August 16, 2010

Horse 1098 - You've Got to Dream, You've Got to Hold Onto the Dream

Blackpool 4 - Wigan 0

As the Premier League stands this weekend, Blackpool by virtue of their 4-0 thumping of Wigan, sits second in the table; second would see them in the European Champions League.
Of course the above situation is probably quite ridiculous but it's OK to dream once in a while isn't it?

I have of course waited 20 years for Liverpool to win the league again, and in the meantime, my other team Blackpool whom to be honest I'd never thought would achieve anything have managed to do something quite remarkable. In just 10 seasons they've gone from avoiding relegation from the old League 3, the fourth tier of English football, to being promoted through every division (and in every case via the playoffs), to stare down some 88 places down from where they were - 88 places.

Even last Monday, Marlon Harewood who netted a double in the 38th and 43rd minutes wasn't even at the club. Only a few weeks ago, columnists were saying that Blackpool didn't even deserve to be in the league at all.,19528,11728_6169853,00.html
But that doesn't necessarily mean they deserve a place in the Premier League. For gaining promotion is the easy part - it's what you do with the riches that count, and in no way are Blackpool an elite club.
A team does not prove it deserves a place in the top flight by simply getting there - they must prove they are worthy by convincingly competing next season.

For 124 minutes until Chelsea had beaten West Brom 6-0 in the late game, Blackpool were top of the league and although one sparrow does not a summer make, for at least two hours if Blackpool don't deserve a place in the Premier League, then NOBODY did.

Gloat gloat gloat gloat gloat. How long is this going to last I wonder?... I predict 4 weeks until Blackpool is back in the relegation zone. Poo.

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John McDonnell said...

Preston got done 4-0 by Swansea. This is the greatest Tangerine day in 30 years!

Bring on the Arsenal!