August 25, 2011

Horse 1222 - Kia K9 - Woof Woof

Currently known by its prototype number, the Kia K9 I think probably represents the car which Kia are likely to enter in the V8 Supercar Championship come 2013.

It replaces the Kia Opirus and compliments the Kia Cadenza (K7 in Korea) and would likely be marketed with the 3L Theta V6 or the 3.5L Lambda V6 which both come from parent company Hyundai.
What I find curious is that Hyundai also have a 5L V8 called Tau which currently sits in the Hyundai Genesis.

It's worth noting that Hyundai saw as its direct competitors for the Genesis (and by inference the K9) in the United States are/were the Ford Taurus and the Pontiac G8. The Ford Taurus will more than likely replace the Ford Falcon come 2016 and the Pontiac G8 was the Holden Commodore. See any coincidences yet?

If this week's Auto Action magazine (24Aug-31Aug issue) rumours are anything to go by, then if Kia is "considering" entering the V8 Supercars Championship then the K9 with the Tau V8 just might be the final few pieces to fall into the jigsaw. Certainly Kia would be looking to market their new car and the V8 Supercars Championship would be a very good platform to do that in.

Kia already run a Pro Cee'd in the Belgian Touring Car Championship and a Forte (Cerato) in the Chinese Touring Car Championship. Let me say that I think that the Kia Pro Cee'd looks very cool indeed.

Holden, Ford & Kia? Bring it on.

Heck I'll even drive for Kia, I've got no reputation that can be damaged. Send your mail to:

Give Andrew Rollason a V8 Supercars Drive
Kia Motors Australia
PO Box 7506
Silverwater NSW 2128

If they contact me, i'll be very surprised indeed.

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