October 08, 2011

Horse 1234 - Kewell is Still Rubbish

I have had a somewhat dismal view on Harry Kewell now for about 8 years after he whinged his way into Liverpool's No.7 kit in 2003, the same No.7 which "King" Kenny Dalglish wore.
Kewell proceeded to spend the best part of 5 years finding excuses not to play for his nation (including claiming that his foot would explode if he got on a plane) and the low point was in the 2005 UEFA Champions League Final when he was substituted in the 23rd minute for Vladimír Šmicer (who he stole the No.7 from) and who incedentally went on to score a goal and the winning penalty. But I digress...

Suffice to say, the Melbourne Victory is not my favourite team in the A-League. Sydney and Melbourne have had sufficient bad blood pass between them, that this "derby" for want of a better word has the potential to turn spiteful.

But turning back to Kewell, I imagine that he'll be playing up front and will be playing a similar sort of role to his days when he was back at Leeds Utd. Kewell's most productive season was back in 1999-2000 when he scored 20 goals, however that was 10 years ago and to be honest, Kewell's best days.

Kewell in the A-League will I think be playing out a similar sort of career as Juninho Paulista did for Sydney FC in 2007/08. He'll put bums on seats but probably fail to score even a single goal. Coincidentally, like Juninho he'll also be wearing the No.22 kit for Melbourne Victory.

As I write this the final seconds tick out on Melbourne Victory and Sydney FC in their opening match. Not suprising it is still scoreless in the 93rd minute and Kewell has failed to make an impact.

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