December 29, 2012

Horse 1423 - The Other Timelord

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission - to seek out new life, to discover new worlds and civilisations; to boldly go where no-one has gone before... or so says Jean Luc Picard.
Picard is at least the third regeneration of this particular Timelord.

The Doctor had always presumed that following the Time War which Nine tells us about, that there must have been other Timelords who had escaped. We know for instance that the Master certainly did but have I inadvertently found another?

Jean Luc Picard must have risen through the ranks to become captain of the Enterprise. Daddy Warbucks tells us in the musical Annie, that he started as a cabin boy from Liverpool before going to America and building an empire selling armaments in the 1930s. King Mongkut modernised Siam in the 1850s and 1860s so that it became one of the most revered nations of the age.
Clearly the modus operandii is the same. Slowly build an empire or work through the system so that you eventually control some important portion of it. It seems to me then that Picard, Warbucks and Mongkut are very highly likely candidates to have been the same Timelord. To find one person who is this bald and with this kind of flary eyebrows is not of itself anything noteworthy but to find three and you start to get suspicious. Who'd of their own accord or choosing, voluntarily choose to look like this? OK, granted that King Mongkut was a real person, but the in musical version they obviously took liberties in much the same way that FDR is a real person in the musical Annie.

King Mongkut died in 1868 whereas if you assume that the first Little Orphan Annie strip in 1924 had Oliver Warbucks as age 52, then he was born in 1872. This isn't linear. Jean Luc Picard was born on July 13, 2305 and this also is not linear. Thus, the only logical conclusion is that they are regenerations of the same person; hence, a Timelord.

The Doctor's main concerns appear to be fighting off monsters and rouges who threaten the universe and in particular a little blue-green dot circling a rather boring yellow star. This baldy Timelord though does not share this drive, he would rather exact power for a particular purpose's sake. It is almost as though he is a contracted employee, sent to do a long term job.

When I saw this particular comic cover in the shop the other day, I finally realised what this is a cover of:

This is not a comic cover showing just The Doctor and Picard, this is a comic cover showing us two Timelords... and yes, Oliver Warbucks does prove that bowties are cool.

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