June 11, 2013

Horse 1496 - A One Man Show (Rd.7)

The Canadian Grand Prix proved three things.
1. Sebastian Vettel is brilliant.
2. Sebastian Vettel is a freak.
3. Sebastian Vettel deserves his accolades.

It has been suggested that part of the reason why Vettel is now a triple World Champion is that he sits in the best car. Whilst the Red Bull might be very very good, that alone still doesn't account for Vettel's total dominance.

The Circuit Giles Villeneuve which sits on an island in the city of Montreal, is marginally wider than most GP circuits but also has a notable lack of run-off areas down the sides of the circuit.
The last corner before the finish line is helpfully lined by an unforgiving concrete mass which has been nicknamed the "Wall of Champions", for even champions have managed to slide wide and destroy their cars into it.

The Saturday qualifying session was a stop-start affair with a lot of rain. Rain tends to be a great equaliser for motor racing because drivers can not rely on 800 horsies under their right foot or risk losing control. They also cannot rely on the handling of their cars because in the wet, an aquaplaning car can create passengers out of any driver.
Yet Vettel in the rainy qualifying session placed his car on top spot and always responded without fail. He topped Q1, topped Q2 and of course topped the one that matters Q3.

In the race Vettel started on pole, led all but three laps and won the race. OK, Vettel might very well have the best car under him (as proven by Mark Webber's fastest lap on 69 of 70) but he used the equipment given to him to achieve almost total and complete dominance.
Alonso in the Ferrari who came second could only watch, as he steered his scarlet machine to second.
Lewis Hamilton finished third in the Mercedes but was aided and abetted by teammate Nico Rosberg earlier in the race, who held up a train of cars behind him.

Maybe Mark Webber proves the point that even having the best car isn't good enough. If the Red Bull is the best car, then something else must account for the fact that the three drivers in front of him are all previous World Champions and he is not. Webber must be entering the twilight of his career because Daniel Ricciardo in the Toro Rosso surely has put his hand up for Webber's seat by now.
Vettel streaked off further into the distance in this year's championship standings too. If he puts in a few more performances like this, it'll be game over very quickly indeed.

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