May 24, 2014

Horse 1681 - East of Bournville

In the Italian Alps and very close to the Swiss border, lies the sleepy little village called Nutella which is famed for its wallpaper and a cuisine which is unique to the area: a sort of baked chicken which is slow cooked in Frangelico and jam.
Nutella remained relatively obscure, surviving the terrible events which swept across Europe in 1848 in which many countries were born and almost remained its own separate little country like San Marino in 1860, except that having no standing army whatsoever, it easily fell to the forces of Garibaldi when he united Italy into a single kingdom.
Nutella though is just one of a string of villages down a very special road.

After crossing the border into Switzerland, you head through the extremely narrow Pass d'Milka as the road winds its way through a series of 12 peaks known as the Tobe le Roné. The Tobe le Roné is often subject to landslides and it is feared that it will break into separate pieces into the valleys below.
At the base of the Tobe le Roné in a hamlet known as the Little Nest (or Nestlé), there is a dairy which was started in 1824 by an Italian and a Swiss entrepreneur called A.Glass and A.Häf respectively. Their dairy has a strange name in English which translates as "The Rotten Gift" but in French is called L'Cadeaux Bourri. The dairy lies on Quality Street and runs a small cafe called the Kit Kat Club.

Follow the road a little further and you pass through the villages of Rountree and Hershée and you'll find a positively turkish delight of a place called O'Henri, where many people find their work, rest and play. Turning left at a roundabout onto the E621, you head down the Milky Way for approximately five miles passing the house of the Three Musketeers and a rest area which is a nice place to settle down for a Picnic. Many tourists travel down this road on Double Deckers and usually favour the Top Deck of the bus.
Some tourists take Time Out, being careful to avoid some of the long-haired yahoos that like to ride their motorbikes on the often rocky roads in the area but if you look hard enough, there's always time for a Snack.

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