June 26, 2015

Horse 1925 - H is for Hockey (a poem about the Australian Parliament in rhyming couplets).

A is for Albo, who once had a shot,
At leading the party, but the party said not.

B is for Barnaby, with the normally calm voice,
But can be very loud, if he's given the choice.

C is for Clive, with his dollars stacked high,
But who's still looking out for the wee little guy.

D is for Dutton and who hates when they come,
So he turns round the boats, of those seeking asylum.

E is for Eric, who with cars was not fine,
Now he's got a new job, keeping Senators in line.

F is for Feeney, and I'm not talking scat, man.
He seriously is the Member for Batman.

G is for George, who's groovy, so dig it,
With his funky bookshelves and being a bigot.

H is for Hockey, who pays all the bills,
And who once sat a dreaming, of leadership spills.

I is for Ian, and whose voice sounds of burning,
Whilst he's keeping the wheels of Industry turning.

J is for Julia, who suffered mysogeny,
At the voice of the enemy, and all of its progeny.

K is for Katter, in his very big hat,
Who hates Woolworths and Coles, and says that will be that.

L is for Lazarus, who's big and he's wise,
And he stands as an Indy, The Brick With the Eyes.

M is for Malcolm, who got caught in a fight,
From the two warring factions, of the left and the right.

N is for Nikolic, with an OAM clip,
Now he only commands children, as the Government Whip.

O is for Oakeshott, and whose most famous hour,
Was for seventeen days, with the balance of power.

P is for Plibersek, and to her frustration,
Not all states would agree, to Gonksi education.

Q is for #QandA, a political show,
Where the knaves and the wingnuts and crazies all go.

R is for Rudd; Mister Seventy Per Cent,
Who was once twice PM and then he was spent.

S is for Swanny, the boy from Queensland,
Who knew what to do when things got out of hand.

T is for Tony, who thundered a lot,
Who fought and who fought, 'til he got the top spot.

U is for Urquart, and this is a disclaimer,
She's an ex-union official, from the state of Tasmania

V is for Vanstone, now a fine media plaudit.
And who also took part in the Commission of Audit.

W is for Wong, who was quite rightly irate,
With the stupid cat calls, from a childishly Senate.

X is for Xenophon, who was not one of the boys,
Fiercely independent, with a very strange noise.

Y is for Young, who when once in the chamber,
Had to remove her baby because it was a stranger.

Z is for Zappia, though he's not been round long,
You do not want to cross him, he's incredibly strong.

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