August 20, 2018

Horse 2454 - Welcome To Australia: The Land Of Sentient Manure

sniff sniff... do you smell that?
It's Australia.

People have been throwing around so much manure, that it has now become sentient. Call me an idiot if you like but I am beginning to see a trend.

On the 8th of July, Channel 7's Sunday Night program, ran a story by Alex Cullen about imagined "African gangs" running wild in Melbourne. I eventually saw this and thought that it was nothing more than stupid race baiting by a dying media outlet who was desperate for ratings and TV advertising. As far as actual journalism, it was rubbish and divisive.

On the 3rd of August, Andrew Bolt's column which ran in the Daily Telegraph, Herald-Sun, the Courier-Mail and the Adelaide Advertiser, accused “a tidal wave of immigrants” of refusing to assimilate (whatever the hell that means) and treating Australia as some kind of hotel, which itself is nonsensical as by definition, immigrants are people who have set up home in a new country. He stated that “immigration was becoming colonisation” which again is nonsensical as colonisation would imply a sending of people from one place and clearly that's not true.

On the 5th of August, Sky News admits held a Harry-Handpass interview with Blair Cottrell from the United Patriots Front, on the Adam Giles Show in which none of his views were questioned, which by the way happens to include serious contempt for Muslims, and being found guiltly for same. Sky News later apologised profusely for the interview but only after Metro Trains in Melbourne pulled Sky News from the screens at railway stations and several advertisers withdrew their advertising revenues.

On the 7th of August, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott spoke to Ray Hadlee on radio
2GB in Sydney about his perceived problems with African immigrants; in what was a very thinly veiled suggestion about a return to a codified race-based immigration policy.

On the 13th of August, Mark Ritson of the Australian, which is the doyenne of News Corp and Uncy Rupey's little baby, published this in the broadsheet:
First, and most important, unless your show appears on the History Channel it is unacceptable to feature anyone professing even a fleeting appreciation for Adolf Hitler. Even if your intention is to argue against their case, giving the former leader of the far-right United ­Patriots Front airtime on national television provides an aura of legitimacy that must be avoided at all costs.
- Mark Ritson, The Australian 13th August 2018.

Is it little wonder then that on the 14th of August, Fraser Anning's maiden speech to parliament was in open praise of predominantly white European immigration on the basis of race and the open condemnation of people on the basis of race and religion; particularly people from Africa and Muslims?
We know the value of their British origin. We know that we represent a race … for the purposes of settling new colonies, which never had its equal on the face of the earth. The crimson thread of kinship runs through us all. The founding father of our Federation knew that it was not simply a bounteous land that makes a nation, but the common threads of inherited identity that unite its people. And what he was telling delegates and, through them, us today was that a great nation can only be the consequence of the people it comprises.
A key part of this great pre-Whitlam consensus was bipartisan support from both Liberal and Labor for a European based immigration program. The great Labor statesmen Ben Chifley, John Curtin and Arthur Calwell all strongly supported an immigration program that actively discriminated in favour of Europeans.
A majority of Muslims in Australia of working age do not work and live on welfare. Muslims in New South Wales and Victoria are three times more likely than other groups to be convicted of crimes. We have black African Muslim gangs terrorising Melbourne. We have ISIS-sympathising Muslims trying to go overseas to fight for ISIS and, while all Muslims are not terrorists, certainly all terrorists these days are Muslims. So why would anyone want to bring more of them here?
- Senator Fraser Anning, from SBS News, 15th Aug 2018.

What the heck is wrong with Australia? This isn't an isolated problem, this is a continuing ongoing piece of constant dialogue. The only lack of assimilation and refusal to become part of Australia that I see, is from white middle-aged men, who appear to be scared that the world has changed around them and rather than accepting it, they're actively trying to burn down every single piece of civil society.
I absolutely agree that we need to have a talk about race in this country. We need to line up all the white men and deport them. Clearly there's something seriously wrong with them if they continue to act like a bunch of spoiled man-children. Grow up. Of course that does mean that I would need to be deported but considering that people like me omitted the original sin of this nation of stealing the country by sticking a flag in and then declaring that there was nobody living here in the doctrine of terra nullius, I think that that's fair.

I would like to blame the internet for this sort of thing but sadly that isn't the case. The 7th act passed by the Australian parliament was the Immigration Restriction Act 1901 which is commonly know as the White Australia Policy; because of the sneaky Section 8 which was basically licence to keep out anyone who looked a bit funny.
Any person who is not a British subject either natural-born or naturalized under a law of the United Kingdom or of the Commonwealth or of a State, and who is convicted of any crime of violence against the person, small be liable, upon the expiration of any term of imprisonment imposed on him therefore, to be required to write out at dictation and sign in the presence of an officer a passage of fifty words in length in an European language directed by the officer, and if he fails to do so shall be deemed to be a prohibited immigrant and shall be deported from the Commonwealth pursuant to any order of the Minister
- Section 8, Immigration Restriction Act 1901.

The final remnants of the White Australia Policy weren't properly cleaned up until the mid 1970s.
In 1973 the Whitlam Labor government took three further steps in the gradual process to remove race as a factor in Australia's immigration policies.
These were to:
- legislate that all migrants, of whatever origin, be eligible to obtain citizenship after three years of permanent residence
- issue policy instructions to overseas posts to totally disregard race as a factor in the selection of migrants
- ratify all international agreements relating to immigration and race.
-Fact sheet – Abolition of the 'White Australia' Policy, Dept of Home Affairs, as at 19th Aug 2018

This means to say that people like me were the first generation who lived in a nation where race wasn't official grounds for discrimination by government. This was extended in 1975 with the Racial Discrimination Act; which was made all the more famous when previously mentioned Andrew Bolt, fell foul of it.
This doesn't mean though, that the issue of racial discrimination has been quashed as the recent evidence above would prove. Rather, it is still and ongoing problem. It isn't a dialogue however, as people who want to indulge in publishing manure and chucking it from the floor of the parliament, simply refuse to listen to reason and completely lack any sort of empathy towards the people on the other end of it.

This is the path we are currently walking on, Australia. I'd like to say that we are sleepwalking over cliff but that would be somewhat kind under the circumstances. Nope, we are best friends with the bully of the world and we are that grotty little kid who is actively flinging poo at people.
I'd like to say that we are better as a nation but we are not. We consistently prove that we are not. We are a manure nation with a manure government, whose native language is manure. It's a good thing that that's exactly where we are walking towards because it is apt.

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