September 12, 2005

Horse 398 - Oil Crisis?

As petrol prices continue to rise, motorists find the squeeze in their hip pockets to be tighter as their cars consume more money. Pressure is on the government to lower taxes and the petrol companies blame increased demand from China as the main cause of price hikes.
The above picture was retrieved from ASIO offices by stealth reporters from Horse. Clearly we can see that crude oil is both plentiful and abundant. Worse, it is obvious that it's having a strange side effect on the environment and wildlife.

In this surveillance shot, you'll notice both a Common European Fox (Canis Vulpes) that has mutated and grown a second tail. What is curious is that it appears to have adapted to its surrounds and predicament by learning how to shape the tails and use them like helicopter blades.
Also note what appears to be a giant cat. It is in fact a European Hedgehog (Erinaceus europeaus) that somehow has turned a peculiar shade of blue.

Whereever this oil is coming from, we do know that if left unchecked we could see and environmental disaster on the same scale as the Exxon Valdeez. This would be a tragedy and a waste.


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