September 07, 2006

Horse 625 - Ask Koizumi!

Today marks a very auspiscious occasion here on Horse for we have with us in the studio, none other than the Japanese Prime Minister himself, Junichiro Koizumi. Seeing as Koizumi-kun's tenure as PM is about to expire, we thought we'd field some questions for the most flamboyant Prime Minister on the planet today.

Kirsty Wark - BBC Newsnight: Mr Koizumi, can you please tell us the difference between a biological and a non-biological washing powder.

Koizumi: Thank you very much. I'm not sure what this has to do with my position as Prime Minister but as far as I can tell, a biological washing powder of the type you might put into your upright automatic washing machine contains what's known as an enzyme.
An enzyme is a protein that accelerates or catalises chemical reactions. In these reactions, the molecules at the beginning of the process are called substrates and the enzyme converts these into different molecules: the products. Like all catalysts they do not take part in the reaction, and merely speed it along.

Al Roker - NBC Today: Koizumi-san it's a pleasure to have you here today.

Koizumi: Thank you, it's nice to be here.

Al Roker - NBC Today: I was wondering, as indeed many of our viewers, where the phrase "Bob's Your Uncle" came from.

Koizumi: What's going on here? Um, I believe that it probably refers to the British Prime Minister of 3 times - Robert Salisbury and nepotism. Basically he had a useless nephew called Arthur who despite being totally unqualified and hideously unsuitable, was made a minister of the crown on no less than 4 occasions. If "Bob's Your Uncle" then I suppose it means that you're pretty well looked after.

And lastly...

Koizumi: I do hope someone asks me something useful.

Prahan Daghpur - The Times of India: I have a question to do with the cabinet.

Koizumi: Ah yes.

Prahan Daghpur - The Times of India: I have a flat-packed self-assembly Elko cabinet that I purchased from Ikea. Should I allow for ample swingway to allow the doors when hung to open without impedence?

Koizumi: I have lots of experience at putting together a cabinet as you could well imagine. Basically flat-packed self-assembly furniture has been pre cut and moulded so you need little more than an Allan key to assemble it. In most cases they benefit from a wide number of options and the ability to easily update them through the addition of for example, new cabinet doors.

And that's all we have time for today. Join us next time when we have Canadian PM Stephen Harper teach you how to make Pizzoccheri from scratch using buckwheat and egg white.

Koizumi: Can I stay for that?

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