September 08, 2006

Horse 626 - At Death's Door

I was at Death's door today.

The problem was that Death's mail had accidentally been sent to my mailbox so I went round to his place. Naturally the doorbell didn't work so I had to knock but there wasn't anyone home. I tried to phone him up on the mobile but alas, being his phone it was as expected - dead as well. I guess that Death must have been out making a few house calls, so I left him a note.

When Death finally finally showed up at my door, he explained that he was out paying his gas and electricity bills. He used to do it at the Post Office but every time he turned up, the people behind the counter would snuff it. He explained that he went to the Electric Company's offices in person and found that it was attended by lifeless individuals and that he probably should try there in future.

He kept on leaving dusty stains on the carpet so I told Death to go away and he didn't seem very happy. I'm not looking forward to tommorrow when I have to do the accounts for his cousins War, Famine and Pestilence. War is always intent on making someone else pay for his debts, Pestilence is just a pain to work with and I feel a bit sorry for Famime - he's a bit poor.

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