June 19, 2007

Horse 770 - Where's My Subsidy?

I make reference to the following:
The federal government will offer close to $1 billion in subsidies to help Elders and Optus take high-speed broadband to Australians living in the bush.

In all fairness to Telstra (which I've often bagged for its continual corporate whinging in the past), it is hardly fair that its biggest competitor should be given even a red cent to help fund anything. I totally appreciate that rural areas are disadvantaged when it comes to high-speed broadband but giving money to a private enterprise for something of which the government has already wiped its hands of amounts to little more than pork-barelling.

This might sound harsh, but this relates to a campaign which Telstra started about six months ago called BAC or the "Broadband Australia Campaign". I was insulted when a leaflet was sent to us asking us to register with nowwearetalking.com.au and suggested that regular Australians take up a political cause on their behalf.

"Telstra wants to invest billions of dollars in delivering high-speed broadband across Australia. But backward-looking regulations, which prevent Telstra making a competitive return, are stopping us from building this new infrastructure" - BAC

Boo hoo hoo. Hug a rainbow. Quit whinging Telstra.
Why should you Elders and Optus sponge off of the Federal Goverment for? Are you backhanding funds to the Liberal Party?

When the Federal Government forcibly sold Telstra via its so called "mandates" in which it stole the national telco from the hands of the Australian people so it could make itself look like it was "managing" the economy. I turned my back on what was now a private enterprise. I find it offensive that Telstra has never paid for the massive copper wire network it inherited, I find it offensive that it owns several satellites which it also inherited, I find it equally offensive that the Federal Government should be giving money to any private enterprise.

Companies do not work for the good of the "people" but the profit of their shareholders. From BHP to Leo's Bakery Pty Ltd, they all have that same motive. The government doesn't send money to these companies, so why should it to anyone else?

Optus & Telstra - I want the money paid to you via the government and I want it now. You're both irresponsible... Where's my subsidy?

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