June 25, 2007

Horse 773 - The Unsound of Music

I have seen adverts on walls recently for the "Sing-Along" version of The Sound of Music which is currently playing at Panthers. I take serious issue with this show for the following reasons:

Maria professes a liking for raindrops on roses woth noting that there may be people with hayfever in the audience. Similarly the mention of whiskers on kittens can also trigger allegies as well as Ailurophobia which is the pathological fear of cats. Also, asking people to remember these things when a dog bite happens is wrong if you consider that the dog should be reported to authorities under the Dangerous Dogs Act, so you you can have it destroyed. Also the bee string requires reporting to the EPA so that the swarm can be either destroyed or dispersed.

For the moment I shall ignore the pronouncements Maria makes in another song with regards the administration of medicines to children without prior consultation with a qualified medical practioner and must point out the obesity hazard involved in applying sugar with medicines except when prescribed.

Lastly let me make it clear that the ability to look after seven children, climbing through the Alps and escaping from ofur divisions of Nazi SS and Stormtroopers is hardly a childcare qualification. I must insist on at least a Cert II before you take up a new position with another family.

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