August 17, 2007

Horse 794 - BBC Snooker Balls?

Kiss the red then screw back for the yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black.

I have inadvertantly stumbled on something this morning. Whilst looking across the BBC's website for upcoming radio programs, I find that someone has sneakily changed the logos with warning.

The implications for this are subtle. Radios 1, 2, 3 & 4 don't change their name. Five Live becomes Radio "5 live" in lower-case. 6 Xtra magically turns into Radio 6 Music and poor old BBC7 isn't sure whether it's BBC Radio 7 or BBC 7 or what.

If you compare them with the outgoing logos then you'd notice that they all had a separate flavour. 'Twould appear that the Beeb is going a bit stodgy again what with a new coporate voice "yelling" (?) forth. I can't belives that they spent £120,000 on the venture.

What do the listeners at Radio 4 think? They're notorious for writing in all over the world and complaining about everything. Radio 4 is listened to by Grumpy Old Men and Grumpy Old Women, as opposed to Radio 2 who has Terry's Old Gits, Terry's Overseas Gits, as TOGs and Terry's Young Gits as TYGs.

Radio 3 is a vast improvement over the splodge that was. Mind you, only about 3 people listen to Radio 3 so who'd notice really.

But the biggest loser is BBC 7 who went from a rather clever vaudevillian mouth msade of sevens to this... elbow joint?

Perhaps the most sinister thing of all is the quiet thing behind all of this. The whole of BBC Radio is now known as the "Audio & Music Division". The whole point of 6 Xtra and BBC7 was to let people know by stealth that you couldn't pick them up by "radio" - what now?

BBC Radio 9, Radio 12? Perhaps it will come full circle and we'll get 247 but somehow I doubt it.

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