August 29, 2007

Horse 800 - Correct. The Answer Is Maths.

Eight ladies go to eight shops at eight o'clock in the morning. Each lady wants to buy eight spiders. For each spider, eight spider shoes must also be bought. But they only have eight pounds between them. With each spider costing eight pence and each spider shoe costing an eighth pence each, will the ladies have enough change for the bus ride home? A journey costing eight pence per stop and made up of eight stops.

Price of Spiders:
8 Ladies x 8 Spiders = 64 Spiders
64 Spiders x 8p = £5.12

Price of Spider Shoes:
64 Spiders x 8 Spider Shoes = 512 Spider Shoes
512 Spider Shoes x 1/8p = £6.40

Price of Bus Fare:
8 Ladies x 8/p per Stop x 8 Stops = £5.12

Total Cost: £5.12 + £6.40 + £5.12 = £16.64

If they only have £8 between them, then they are £8.64 short not 8p as stated on page 3.141592 of your copybook. Write that down.

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