September 05, 2007

Horse 803 - West of The Wall

Over the last few weeks a 12ft high fence has been erected in the city. There are armed military guards patrolling the exclusion zone. Trains pass through the U-Bahn missing out of stops within the exclusion zone. American fighter aircraft fly overhead whilst helicopters accompany them.

"I had to travel down Brückestraße but didn't have appropriate papers. I was denied entry and had to wait until someone from inside collected my documents. When I travelled down Kasslereagh Straße towards Maertens-Platz I was again stopped by American Troops stationed there and even the rest of Kasslereagh Straße was blocked to through traffic because the President was visiting."

If you do happen to own a restaurant of cafe near der Botanische Gärten or the Kai, then your business will have suffered because some parts of the city have been deserted. The nearest operating U-Bahn Station to the exclusion zone is Maertens-Platz but Heiliger Jakobus and Der Musuem U-Bahn Stations remain closed as we speak. Some buses have ceased to operate and traffic is limited to the Western Sector of the city.

I long for the day that our fair city will be re-united.
Berlin - September 5, 1962 - Er, no.
Sydney - September 5, 2007 - Think about it.

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