September 11, 2007

Horse 804 - TV Will Eat Itself

When you read a blog post, ideally it should be rated for content so you know what to expect - in that vein the following post is rated: Poor. Although it contains no poor people.

At home in the House of Bach last night we were perched in front of the television to discover something almost henious. On Channel 7 came a show which was totally bereft of sport, reality contestants, cooking or gardening. City Homicide on Channel 7 is what I believe could very well be the first of a totally new concept for television... a TV drama.
No wait, sorry... I appear to be wrong. This sort of thing has been done before, what was I thinking?

In a new world where Gordon Bleeping Ramsay can bleep his way across our bleeping television screens, or where Eddie "I want to be a millionare" no longer screens 24/7 on Channel 9, or perhaps even when Gretel "that vacuuous slutty woman" Kileen goes onto describe the exciting details of talentless individuals in a box on Big Brother, Channel 7 has returned to the rather daft idea of actually paying actors and scriptwriters to produce stories that people might actually enjoy watching.

Having said that, it's just possible that a television police drama may have been done before and by Channel 7... Blue Heelers... Homicide even?

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