December 13, 2007

Horse 840 - Toll HRT

Do not be surprised if next year, the Holden Racing Team sprouts little Toll logos.

When Garth Tander takes his number 1 plate from the HSVDT to the HRT, it is more than likely that the Toll sponsorship deal will follow him. Mobil's association with the HRT which has lasted since Holden's favourite son, the late Peter Brock, was admitted back into the fold for the 1994 season. It appears that Mobil has been rumbling that this association will not be renewed for the 2008 season.

This of course leaves Holden with the distinct problem that its flagship team would be left without a headline sponsor; thus because Toll still has some time to run, it would follow to the HRT with Tander.

The question is then what would happen to the HSVDT? To that end I still don't actually know what the answer is.

And now:

Tony Blair's Imaginary Lunch

Tony loves popcorn. Did his title of PM actually stand for Popcorn Master? Could be.

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