December 22, 2008

Horse 941 - Holden, Ripping Your Pockets For Fun And Profit,21985,24833772-662,00.html
HOLDEN has announced it will use $179 million in government funding to build a new four-cylinder car at its Adelaide plant.
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd today announced the Federal Government will invest $149 million over three years and the State Government will provide a further $30 million to enable the production of a front-drive vehicle fuelled by diesel and petrol, AdelaideNow reports.

When I heard this on the ABC news this afternoon, I wondered what in blue blazes all of the hoohas was about. People from Holden seemed mystified as to what this new car was, and the Federal Government was taking credit where it could as part of its "infrastructure package".

Well people be mystified no more, for the answers you seek are entirely unremarkable.

Consider the following from the above article:
1. Holden's return to building a four-cylinder car at Elizabeth has been rumoured for months.
2. The vehicle will initially be produced with a direct-injection petrol and diesel engine
3. Its new "Delta" global small car platform.
4. The four-cylinder car announcement comes on the back of Ford proposing to build its Focus small car at the company's Broadmeadows plant in Melbourne from 2012.

Four cylinder? Well, Holden has been building the Ecotec Family II engine and derviatives for the past 20 years. Direct Injection or Diesel? Again, Holden already has access to these. "Delta" global small car platform? I think we have a winner... Ford proposing to build its Focus? Now I'm sure of it.

Consider this:
Ooh, Tasty!

Or this:

Although it's hard to see, this simple sketch and blurry photo are our first glimpses at the next-generation 2010 Opel Astra hatchback, which will be unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt motor show.

Considering that Ford are building the Focus from 2012, Holden have managed a coup d'foudre and will be using Government money to set up a production line for a car which will replace something already in their model line up.

Also when you look at this:
The new version of the Delta architecture, dubbed Delta II, is currently being prepared by GM-Daewoo.
... and remember that Holden of Australia owns 49% on GM-Daewoo, all the pieces magically fit together. The car which Holden has managed to get free funding for is...

So, well done Holden. You've managed to use public panic and general misery to rip $179 million from the public pocket for a project which you'd intended to run all along... Well Done!
This is also a case of "I told you so", on the 17th July 2006!
How come I could see this two and a half years ago?
The highest selling car in Australia for the first time back in March was the Toyota Corolla, No 2 was the Astra followed by the Camry at number three.
Toyota who are the world's biggest car company have shifted more Corollas by nameplate than any other car in history. Get off your big fat noisy horses Holden and out-Corolla Corolla with the Astra!

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