December 25, 2008

Horse 943 - I Love Toast!

Earlier this year I looked at the terrible plight facing old people, when the then leader of the opposition Brendan Nelson made the comment that old people were forced to live off of "Baked beans and Jam Sandwiches"

Well in this theme of bready comestibles and the shocking state of the world, think about the case of poor Liam (a student) who freely admits that he eats "toast, muffins or crumpets for breakfast, lunch and dinner"

Admitedly this does appear on the side of the box that a toaster from Coles comes in, and it could be very well possible that being a student who is by his very nature exceedingly lazy, that this is all that his cullinary skills extend to but it does illustrate a very pertinant point.

There are sectors in society who through poverty and/or stupidity, will not be able to enjoy a nice lunch this Christmas. Be it Baked Beans, Jam Sandwiches, Toast, Muffins or Crumpets, that's all these poor souls will be having for lunch. Whilst you tuck into your glazed ham, duck ala orange or Lobsters Thermidor and Spam, think of people like Liam, old people and even Dr Brendan Nelson.

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