March 23, 2009

Horse 970 - Rafa Investigates

Hercule Poirot may have been a plucky little Belgian who could solve mysteries and overturn clues where other detectives could not, but I fear that his modern-day counterpart may be a Spaniard and living in Liverpool.

Rafa Benitez for the past 5 years has been searching for the missing league title. After moving to Liverpool he quickly discovered some clues after Gérard Houllier was mysteriously outed. Rafa has upturned some masterful clues of late (and also that as every day passes, Rafa is looking more like Poirot every day).

Firstly on the brink of oblivion, he found three points against Man Utd when Liverpool destroyed them 4-1, now a week later that same side has smashed asunder Aston Villa 5-0, which has meant that a potential 10 point gap is now only 1.

It would appear as though Liverpool have a friend in ex-player Danny Murphy. It was him in 2002 who snuck in a goal against Man Utd and now, when Liverpool have got a whiff of Pal, he's done it again but this time in a Fulham kit (when Fulham won 2-0 against Utd at the weekend).

What I do fear is that this might be yet another false dawn. Man Utd have a game in hand, and although they're a point ahead, it's their's to lase rather than Liverpool's to steal. My mind is already doing sums for the end of the year but of course not actually being able to predict the future leaves me in the sort of position that would take the combined forensic skills and analytical minds of Morse, Poirot and Holmes to unravel.

If anyone is able to solve The Mystery of the Missing League Title, then Benitez is the man to do it. I am ready and waiting for the Rafalution to begin.

Liverpool 5 - Aston Villa 0
Kuyt - 8
Riera - 33
Gerrard - 39 (pen)
Gerrard - 50
Gerrard - 65 (pen)

Stevie, Stevie, Stevie,
Stevie Gerrard,
'e mugged Aston Villa
'cause 'e iz well 'ard!

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