May 22, 2011

Horse 1191 - OneHD's Coverage of Formula One... or Rather Not.

In Horse 1187 I complained that One HD's coverage of Formula One online was woefully inadequate. At the next GP in Spain the coverage completely dropped out and didn't restart until lap 8, meaning that if you were relying on the online stream for live coverage, you got diddly-squat and missed the start.

In the meantime, I was following Twitter and counting the number of complaints that were sent to the @OneHD twitter account. At the time of this posting, we were up to 2523 tweets all singing together in their general grumpiness about the poor TV coverage.

It also made me think about how badly this reflects on OneHD's main "sponsors" of the F1 coverage. Vodafone are trying to push their Infinite 45 plan, and there are adverts for Mercedes-Benz online. Now admittedly I can't afford a Mercedes-Benz so I won't be buying one of those, but just suppose you were trying to use the "Desire HTC" on Vodafon's Infinite 45 plan to watch the Formula One coverage, just what do you think you would have seen for the those first 8 laps of the race? NOTHING.

I have resigned myself to the fact that if I want to watch Formula One, for yet another season, it's not going to be live because I will be forced to watch it on Channel 10 after they play NCIS, Hawaii-Five-O, and Masterchef. But at least I can say this...

Because of you One HD and your owners Channel 10, I will deliberately not consider Vodafone for my next mobile phone and will cancel my existing phone contract. I will also delierately try to avoid NCIS, Hawaii-Five-O, and Masterchef out of spite and sincerely hope that the 2012 season of Formula One goes to someone part way compotent like Channel 7 or Channel 9.
How was it that in 1987 we could see all 16 races LIVE but in 2011 we can't manage to see any at all?

I'll leave you to ponder that whilst I watch Doctor Who on ABC iView. Heck even the ABC can live stream ABC News 24 without any problems.

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