May 04, 2013

Horse 1476 - May The Fourth Be With You

This was too good to waste.
These are three photographs of a football that I saw today.

Achilles in Greek mythology was a hero in the Trojan War who was supposedly invulnerable in all of his body except for his heel. With a name like Achilles, you can bet that there's a weak point somewhere.

It's the death star, something so incredible

Death star, something indestructible
Death star, massive and maniacal
Death star, teeny weeny vulnerable hole

It's also kind of neat that this is also where you do blow it up.

And to top it all off, it was even a size Four, how appropriate.

Goodbye, death star
You were the largest weapon, ever manufactured.

Personally I always thought that the Star Wars films were revisionist history told by an unreliable narrator. Coruscant was home to more than a trillion people and even found a way to recycle 99% of its garbage. The Empire brought prosperity, order and aesthetics to the Universe. The Star Wars Saga is little more than Rebel propaganda
As for the name "Death Star" it's official and more descriptive name was the "DS-1 Orbital Battle Station"

Even more remarkable was Vader's football career, "The Deadly Finisher" led his Empire Athletics 77 FC side to five Imperial Cups and seven league titles.

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