May 17, 2013

Horse 1485 - Statistics & Percentages

0% of fees, ever
1% is the comparison rate
4% is today's great high interest rate
5% is what 2% plus 2% equals in Joe Hockey's black hole budget calculations
6% of this product is real lemon juice
7% are undecided
10% is ethanol
10.66% of school students think the Battle of Hastings was won by "Will-I-Am the Conqueror"
11% of people are left-handed
12% of people can't change the tyres on their car
15% more joy
16% of teenagers knew that Bulgaria was a Great Uncle
18% of single mums don't know how to set up a tax shelter in Mauritania
19% of people think that the moon landings were faked
20% cooler is what it needs to be
23% of buses are either late or cancelled
24% of people under the age of 25 are under employed
25% is the discount on all products at Target
30% of tax credits are named Frank
31% of mums got a Whirlpool
34% of newlyweds don't know how to clean an oven
37% of teenagers don't know who Winston Churchill is
44% of the audience support the coalition
49% of people think that Santa uses a sleigh, in fact he uses a QR train, hence why only can leave once a year
50% of the population are below average intelligence
61% of all Liberal backbenchers think that Tony Abbott is just ace
64% of people still need me; still feed me
66% of bullets fired hit JFK
72% of all statistics are made up on the spot
74% is humidity
76% of trombones led the big parade
80% of cats agree
87% of people support the NDIS
88% of clowns never fall in love
89% of people support the NBN
90% of people with the surname Chicken agree
95% of this product is fat free
97% of people couldn't believe it wasn't butter
98% of Manchester United fans have never been to Old Trafford
99% of people are we
100% of Progressive Car Insurance is online

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