March 05, 2014

Horse 1631a - Dismembered Ukraine - More of the Fragments

This is now a siege:
11:37: The head of Russia's top natural gas producer, Gazprom, says Ukraine has informed the company it cannot pay for February gas deliveries in full, Reuters reports. Alexei Miller says Ukraine's total debt to Gazprom for gas deliveries is nearing $2bn.

11:46: Russia halts nuclear fuel supplies to Ukrainian power plants due to "instability". Their stocks will last until end of April, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitriy Rogozin says - BBC Monitoring (via Interfax).
- via the BBC, 5th Mar 2014.

That's playing fair isn't it. Don't like a country? Just unilaterally cut off energy supplies and let them all freeze to death.

11:47: The US is keen to label Russia's action an "invasion" but as yet no one has been shot by the troops, and it is still time for a war of words - on friend as well as foe, as it happens.

I'll say it for you. If it looks like an invasion and it has the hardware of an invasion... it's an invasion.

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