April 06, 2016

Horse 2095 - The 2016 Presidential Race So Far - In Haikus

Seven men start out
Nomination G.O.P.
They are all hopeful

Jeb Bush is a man
With an exclamation mark
And rich family

Santorum started
And then ran out of money
His race ended quick

Marco Rubio
Was in for a bit of time
He dropped out as well

Doctor Ben Carson
Separated conjoined twins
Also failed as well

Then came John Kasich
Also failed quite miserably
But hangs on to spoil

Ted Cruz seems to be
Only one to still hang on
And stand up to Trump

Everybody knows
Donald Trump is a train wreck
Who might win the game

Donald Trump has said
Horrid things about people
But they do not care

People vote for him
Even though it makes no sense
For democracy

Then Wisconsin came
Trump campaign in disarray
Outright disappears

When the G.O.P.
Meets for its big convention
It will be brokered

Then we all shall see
It will be a perfect storm
All hell will break loose

All the delegates
Duke it out upon the floor
Who they want for Prez

On the other side
Hilary should walk it in
Then comes angry man

Bernie Sanders is
An old angry Jewish man
Running from Vermont

Hilary assumes
Help from the establishment
Get her to the line

But if old Bernie
Keeps on being popular
He still has a chance

Hilary has lost
Six of the last seven states
She must look forward

Everybody waits
For a grand New York showdown
On April Nineteenth

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