March 12, 2005

Horse 312 - GT4

GT4 came out on Friday and already I have myself a copy. I will have but one aim in this game; that is to get this car. Out of 700 cars, the Ka by far and a way has to be about the coolest and funkiest thing in there.
Already Thommo and Gorf have told me about this and their quest to get this in the game. This shall too be my quest but with one major difference... I already own one in real life.

How can you possibly go past this thing? I saw it at a motor show once and made the remark that "one day, oh yes, it will be mine. It will be mine." There aren't a lot of people I bet who can say that they've bought a car based on what they saw at a motor show. Maybe once my video-game-addicted compatriates use this car for a bit then they too shall see what I already know. has a list with links and photos to quite a number of the cars in this game. I think there'd be literally far too many to ever drive and see in this game, but at least they have the funkiest little car in the world, and that's all that matters.


melly said...

i saw my little Rolla on an ad when it first came out...i also said to my father "I'm gonna have one of those".... 6 months later there it was in my driveway ;)

Rollo said...

C O R O L L Aing along? Corolling along?

PS: It's not a good idea to do a "Toyota Leap" in a confined space like a carpark.
Concrete ceilings tend to make it a less than enjoyable experience.