March 24, 2005

Horse 321 - Spaghetti Junction 3

This is the last Horse in this short series about what I think should happen to the Motorways in Sydney. Apart from their very existance which I think in some cases I think is vastly unjustified (like the M7 that goes nowhere, or the M2 that really should have been a railway line) the road system is generally quite confusing.

The photo above shows just how useful Junction numbers can be. This was at roughly 7pm on a Thursday. I had gotten off of the plane and had to be in Cardiff in time to see a football match. Even in a brain-dead jet lagged state, I still knew that I had to get off at Junction 29. With no regard for the name of the roads or even where I was going, I drove along the M4 counting off 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29, before getting onto the A road and driving into town.

A48 was funnily enough the 8th A road that came off the motorway. Even at night, these handy little flashy lights tell you where you need to be. Even in bi-lingual Wales were Cardiff and Caerdydd are actually the same place, it could be confusing to come across signs that say Araf and Y Bala if you didn't know what was going on, but because it's all numbered, it doesn't matter.

That's what this is about, helping people find stuff.

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Gary said...

What about the M49? It has no junctions to call it's own, so doesn't have even a junction 1!