May 20, 2005

Horse 344 - Tower of Terror

The world is in peril. Ever since 1934 the orbit of the earth has been titled because of a massive tower built by the RKO Radio Pictures organisation. I believe that this 3500 storey tower built at the North Pole has been slowing down the orbit of Earth now for the last 71 years.

Built before the advent of satellites, it was intended to bring the magic of the then new technology into homes all over the world. At a price of nearly $90,000,000,000,000 to build, it was certainly the biggest marvel the world had seen.

Sadly, it's use is over and because the earth is slowing down, it's getting closer to the sun and hence is the real reason for global warming. Add to that the massive signal it puts out which is just perfect for aliens to find us - remember the Martians attacked in the 1930's and are going to again, I know, I've seen the warnings in movie theatres.

For these reasons, the RKO Radio Tower must be dismatled immediately.

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Tor said...

I'm thinking we could just wait till an asteroid is coming too close, loosen the bolts on the bottom of the radio tower, and throw it out at the asteroid. Beats sending a team of ersatz astronauts with a drill and a nuke.