May 31, 2005

Horse 348 - >> WARNING <<

If you value your sanity you will heed this warning.

The worst possible event in the history of recorded music has finally borne fruit. This is a warning to the people of Australia. Let it be known that Macarthur Park has a new rival, one that is more henious, more vile and more terrible than all who went before.

Crazy Frog has made it to No.1 in the UK music charts. I repeat: Crazy Frog has made it to No.1 in the UK music charts.

There have been other novelty acts make it to No.1, and some of them have ranged from the midly amusing Wombles of Wimbledon to the downright annoying Hamster Dance. Crazy Frog on the other hand defys the rules having first been an internet joke, then a heavily marketed ring-tone, the latter being the prime reason why I think it bites so much having being been on TV adverts just about every other 20 minutes but it must be said that the reworking of Axel F, Harold Faltermeyer's theme to the Beverly Hills Cop films, is the first mobile ringtone to cross over into the charts.

The track's success means Coldplay's long-awaited single Speed of Sound, had to settle for second spot, while hip-hop band Akon fell one place to number three. Oasis' brief flirtation with the top spot came to an end as the band fell five places to number six with Lyla.

It's not the charts fault however, it is the fault of each and every idiot who bought this record. The fact that Jamster have put this record at number one has devalued the chart of any meaning in my eyes. There's novelty records, bad novelty records, pure-evil novelty records, about 300 layers of crap and then this. I don't think I've ever hated something so passionately in my entire life. The stupidity is that it will be sold here, and make it to number 1 as well.



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