June 28, 2005

Horse 363 - Rain?

For the last few days it's been raining...

Southern Baptist Preacher:
You know, people have been coming up to me lately and saying:
"Oh Phooey it's raining"
Well I tell you that this has got to stop! We can't be bagging rain, I mean, what is it that makes out flowers grow? What is it that keeps our rivers wet? Why, it's rain.
Without rain there'd be no plants to give us food. Without rain there'd be no rivers and creeks and streams for our children to play in. Without rain there'd be no water in the tap to drink. You couldn't wash anything, you couldn't make cement, you couldn't go swimming, even my little fish Albert wouldn't have anywhere to live.
So it's about time we got behind rain. Support your local rain cloud, learn to love rain, it's one of the sky's most important products.
God bless you, be good to your family and remember to always: Pray for rain.

Personally it hope it keeps on going for a while, except for the incessant whinging of the farmers.

Six Year Old Kid:
Whinge whinge whinge there's no rain and we can't grow anything and we want drought relief money. Whinge whinge whinge there's too much rain and we can't harvest anything and we want flood relief money. Why can't the government do something about it instead of ripping us farmers off? It's the government's fault you know. If they'd put in decent cloud making machines 40 years ago then we'd have lots of rain today.

Then there is always the Big Brother argument.

I remember when rain was clean and wholesome. Now it seems you can't step outside without some little nimbus dropping it's condence in the shower. I tell you it's little more than precipitation for the masses.

...ah I think I'm done now.


Anonymous said...

It always seems to rain at the end of a drought.

James said...

Hehehe - I enjoy your sarcasm Rollo :)