June 03, 2005

iFive - 3 Jun

When my workload goes up, I'm actually more inclined to take the iPod on the walk to the bank. Also I find that as Nova switches slowly to having more RnB in their chase for ratings in the afternoon and the Shebang plays more 80's rock again, I find myself mining older and older records.

Popcorn - released in 1972 is the ultimate in Synth-Pop. Despite all attempts since, this ridiculously simply song made full use of the new electric instrument at its disposal. Not until the Mellotron came back into use in the 90's did anyone even get close.

1. Popcorn - Hot Butter
2. Turning Japanese - The Vapors
3. American Pie - Don Maclean
4. 1967 It's Happening - Radio 1
5. Stole My Car - Mai FM


Fernando said...

Maybe Popcorn has no rivals when it comes to hyper, nauseating synth-pop, but if we can widen the spectrum a bit and consider synth-rock, I think there's a competitor: Weber and the Buzztones blessed the Christian Music scene with their one and only (self-titled) album in 1984 and the 6 band members each played a synthesizer of some sort (MiniMoog, Prophet 600, etc.). Even the vocals aren't natural but touched up with some synth process and it's so terrible that it's great fun (just like Abba). If that's too obscure for you to find and listen to, dig up Synergy, although they're on the Vangelis side: not nauseating but opiate.

Derik said...

Vangelis? Ala Chariots of Fire?

BTW when you wrote the Buzztones I immediately thought of the Buzzcocks. Punk rocking fun if e're there was.

Fernando said...

Vangelis ala Blade Runner. Yeah, the Buzzcocks are great.