October 01, 2006

Horse 633 - Thomas

Sometimes when I'm in church I suspect that even if I'm listening to the same sermon as every one else that something either in my brain or maybe because I'm concentrating on something else like making sure the notes go to screen, causes me to take something away that either was not intended or alternatively was meant only for me.

Luke last nigth was talking about Galatians 6 and the close of the letter. I on the other hand was thinking about another comment he made part way through with regards the apostle Thomas. Now Thomas is sometimes derided as having little faith in the Bible when he demanded to see Christ's wounds, but perhaps there is another lesson to be learned here.

What is wrong with demanding proof?

If something is true then it should be able to be proved thus. Assume for a second that you happen to be a non-believer and you find someone who claims to be a Christian. Isn't it simply a matter of logic and common sense that you should be able to witness or notice a changed life? Or at very least find evidence?

Christ himself bore the scars of the price he had paid, but as Christians are we also required to be and act like Christ towards them? Thomas demanded proof probably out of a state of shock, but in the modern world where everything is plastic, fake and can be counterfeited and bought from a knock-off shop for $1.99, it would be very easy to see why people also demand proof.

Then of course if the proof isn't there, then this does bring into question what people claim. Just because something has a bill, doesn't mean it's a duck - if it looks like, sounds like and walks like a duck, then it's probably a safe bet that it is one or otherwise that thing with a bill mit just be a platypus.

Thomas demanded proof, why should the world be any different? What's wrong with giving people proof and truth?

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