October 23, 2006

Horse 648 - Fallen Asleep in the Light

If God's on our side, then God is a joker,
Asleep on the job, his children fall over,
Out through the door and straight to the sky,
I don't want to die...!

Everybody's Gone To War - Nerina Pallot

I met My Maker, I made Him cry
And on my shoulder He asked me why
His people wont fly through the storm,
I said listen up Man, they dont even know You're born.
D'Ya Know What I Mean? - Oasis

I haven't written about what's on the iPod or what sort of music is currently running around my space for quite some time. Mainly because to extract the statistics is a dull process, but every so often you will end up with the odd few in combination that make you ask yourself questions, like the two stanzas as shown above.

I suspect that Nerina Pallot isn't a Christian, and I very much doubt that Noel Gallagher is but they do pose a very potent and scary question. That is, how come people on the outside of the church instinctively know what we're supposed to be doing despite us hiding away in our little hidey-holes not trying to offend them?

I seriously doubt that they'd actually want the gospel preached at them, but even they can see a gaping failure in our ability to stand up for what we believe in. It's as almost as if, the enemy actually wants a decent opponent to attack rather than a walk in victory. People inherantly like a contest, and when we don't provide one they're annoyed.

From our point of view, what doe it actually say about us if we can't be bothered to a) defend the gospel or more importantly b) tell it? Is this some secret defiance against the standing orders to go make disciples? That order as far as I know remains unchanged.

Countless the souls that are stumbling in darkness.
Why do we sleep in the light?
Jesus commands us to go make disciples,
This is our cause, This is the fight.

Why do we sleep in the light? Asleep on the job, his children fall over, they dont even know You're born.
Quite scathing aint it? If this is the impression we send out, then quite frankly, we're crap.


Anonymous said...

ur crap u suk

Rollo said...

Aye thanks for that, so helpful.