October 02, 2006

Horse 634 - Three Mondays

The City of Sydney is bounded on three sides. To the north by the Kuring-Gai Plateau, to the south by the Woronora Plateau, to the west by the Blue Mountains and to the eastby the Pacific Ocean.

The last three weekends have been particularly interesting. The first week I saw the sun set into the Pacific Ocean, the second I managed to lose Tuesday almost in its entirety and this morning I saw the sun rise out of the Pacific Ocean.

Now I had seen the sun rise out of the ocean on a number of occasions and have even seen the little green flash that happens just before the sun rises, but when the sun sets it's something different, almost like the deep red sun is being extinguished by the water. One almost expects to see a giant puff of steam as it sinks below the surface.

If you want to know the truth, I did happen to see a giant puff of steam, but that particular cloud came from out the rear end of a 1990 Toyota Tercel - which was neither expected or nice - Poor old Kirby.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kirby was just jealous that I like you better than him. He couldn't handle the competition. What a sore loser.