November 15, 2006


Fluffy Stroganoff...
is that too hard to conceive?


Katja said...

Such an occurence would only come about if Fluffy became determined to get some share in the Stroganoff family inheritance. Yes, I could see her either charming her way into it or resorting to blackmail for such a greedy scheme. She might even try hypnotism.

If you're trying to get at anything else, you're wrong. I'm NOT Fluffy. I'm the person who Fluffy would hate with passion and try to poison or push out of sky scraper.

WARNING: Rollo is in lala land...even worse, it's not his, it's a lala land I created!!!

Rollo said...

Rollo is in an entirely different la la land.

This involves a plot hole where I have the murder of someone who's not actually dead, trying to claim the insurance from a company that doesn't actually exist.

Appropriation is a wonderful thing, that may result in a subtle morph of existing charaterisations for my own amusement.

You can probably guess what I was reading at lunchtime yesterday.