November 28, 2006

Horse 673 - I Didn't Do It

Coming home tonight I looked up at the expanse of lights in the sky and realised just how much junk was being thrown into the sky. The number of stars just seems to be so much less when I was a kid. The only cure was to jump in the car and drive up into the mountains.

A winding mountain road, speed limit of 100. No way of being caught for speeding out here. No chance of finding a speed camera or a policeman.

So I pitted machine against road...

Well I'd like to say I did, but that would be to tell a lie. For although I had driven the road several times before and at speeds approaching ten-hundred-tasty-doo, I was given the impression that I was not allowed. Forbidden. Prohibited.

I was made rather aware that at some point I can't afford to be at brazen or patently reckless. My safety although not my concern might be someone else's. It would not be fitting for me or my little car to be wrapped around a telegraph pole. Further to this I'm more than likely going to be responsible for more than myself...

This scares me.


Me The B said...

It's also pretty exciting!!?

God is good! And He goes with you into this new adventure. He is responsible for you and yours and He will help you play your part in how He looks after the people around you. Be Bold cos He is with you.

And as you look after more than yourself remember that you are investing in something that will be glorified on the last day - something that will stand the test, something that is now, and will be then, a great joy to our Father in Heaven.

Katja said...

Aww, how the heck did you people get so sweet?!

(Yeah, you better be careful! I'd like you in one piece the next time I see you!)