May 16, 2007

Horse 760 - I'm "Better Off"

Today: I am on a smaller dollar figure wage than I was in 2001. If I quit this job, then the average market wage is on average $3500 less again. I am on a smaller real wage adjusted for inflation despite 2 pay increases since I was hired. Yet the Award which used to exist, doesn't any longer so I need to go through the hassle of an AWA.

Mr Howard, I hurt because of your stupid IR laws. The PDF which was sent through this afternoon telling us how much "better off" we all are is pure and utter bunk. Your sigature appears at the bottom which shows that you don't live in the real world at all.

I'd like to honestly hear how I'm supposedly "better off" Mr Howard, no really I would. Remember that for about 2 days a week, in reality I'm working for you via taxation.

You're off with the fairies mate.

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