January 25, 2008

Horse 847 - Caring About Australia Day is UnAustralian

The Mosman Daily which is famous for its constant ragging of Mosman Council, and its latest rip is to label the council as Un-Australian for not organising any special events for Australia Day. I would argue however that taking the public holiday without caring what it's for is very Australian indeed. It's the most important reason why we still haven't become a republic - we'd lose the Queen's Birthday weekend.

The following things are decidedly UnAustralian:

1. Knowing the words to the second verse of the national anthem
2. Promite
3. Drinking wine at a BBQ
4. Having receipts for the first $300 of your tax deductions
5. SUVs

6. Being a call centre operator
7. Having two footy teams in the same code
8. Shrimp (they're Prawns!)
9. Not understand the intracasies and finer point of the LBW law
10. Putting the score the "correct" way round in cricket
11. Not going in the office Melbourne Cup sweep
12. Actually doing any work at all on Melbourne Cup day
13. Putting z's in words like colourise
14. Calling them "zee"
15. Not putting a 'k' on the end of everythink
16. Bashing someone with a baseball bat (you should use a cricket bat)
17. Not knowing "The Don's" average
18. Having no dogs in your ute
19. Tofu, Rocket, Alfalfa and Wheatgrass
20. People who label others as UnAustralian based on spurious assertions

This Australia Day is already very Australian, the Australian Open is on telly as is the Test Match with India (by the way, happy Republic Day India), so let's celebrate the day by doing the most Australian thing that we can think of... taking the public holiday without caring what it's for!
And now:

One Word Weather With Nelson Mandela


Hmm, me thinks I should get a coat.

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