January 30, 2008

Horse 849 - ABC1


Rumours abound this morning that Aunty intends to drop her "squiggle" logo after 50 years. ABC TV is to be renamed ABC 1 whilst ABC 2 remains, er... ABC 2. ABC 2 we've known about for a fair while now, meanwhile the rebranded ABC 1 will have to do better if this is its logo. I think it looks downright gumby.

Because of Digital TV and the opportunity for extra data-casting, the big four networks have each been allocated three channels with the ABC getting four. I can however see a problem in this though - in the UK, the BBC's main rivals are ITV, Channel 4 and Five. The Beeb brands itself as BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three and BBC Four. ITV is ITV 1, ITV 2, ITV 3 and ITV 4. Channel 4 has Channel 4, E4, Film 4 and More 4. Five lines up as Five, Five Life and Five US. What happens in Oz?

The ABC is set up as ABC 1, ABC 2 and ABC 3 but Channel 7 can't very well brand itself as 7 1 can it? 7.1 perhaps? Maybe one insipred idea would be to run backwards through their own archives and call on of their channels 17. Or possibly this is merely a shameless excuse to put a picture of Dick Johnson's 1983 Falcon up. Either way, the logo still looks cool.

Personally I think that ABC 1 should take a leaf from BBC One and rebrand itself ABC One. That way, Aunty could retain it's "squiggle" logo and as the national broadcaster, retain a touch of class. Right click the following to see what I mean.


And now:

One Word Weather With Nelson Mandela


Yes Mr Mandela, it's a very dark day indeed.

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