January 31, 2008

Horse 850 - It's a UTE!


I always like to compare badge engineering of motor cars and Holden is no exception. Thanks to GM Americas handling of the GTO which effectively killed off our Monaro, I'm wondering if Detroit is accidentally going kill off our Ute as well.

Pontiac already intend to start selling the Commodore under the highly emotive nameplate G8 which if anything conjures up all the excitement of a heads of government meeting. Maybe GM didn't wan't to sully the memories of people not yet born by not reviving an old name like "El Camino", "Caballero" or something equally as weird as "El Caballo Blanco", instead all America gets are two crappy suffix letters "ST" for Sport Truck.

What the heck is a "Sport Truck"? It's not a truck, it's not a "Pickup Truck", and it's certainly not a "Coupe Utility" like someone at Americocentric Wikipedia would have you believe. No way, if you want to be all high and mighty, it might be a Utility but if you're a True Blue Dinky-Di chuck lamb on the barbie, it's a Ute mate. If your long-haired, dole bludging, soap-avoiding, pot-smoking hippie vegetarians might disagree with me, they can get stuffed. They know the way to the airport, and if they don’t, I’ll show them - they can go for a ride in the back of the ute with the dogs.

It's likely that it will most likelty get the stonkin' 6L V8 under the bonnet and charge out for US$31,000 or if you wish A$34,900 which is about 5 grand cheaper than what we can get them, yet from what I've read on forums, they're still having a bleat about the price. Look, it's built in Oz by blokes who know what they're doing; we're just sending back you're engines wrapped in a better car. You get what you pay for, quality.
The current 5.3L V8 Grand Prix sells for $33,000 and the V8 G8 is going to undercut that by 3 grand. It must be said that the ST also undercuts this as well and not only this, it's a vehicle which hasn't even existed in concept in America for over 20 years, so there's nothing to compare it to.

The Ute, as quinesentially Strayan as a hot pie while watching Collingwood and Melbourne at the G and then running over a stray roo on the way home. Somehing about Football, Meat Pies, Kangaroos and Holden Cars? Maybe; maybe not in the land of Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet... except it's a Pontiac (isn't that a potato?)

Keep your hands off our Utes Jardine!

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