March 15, 2008

Horse 869 - Real Estate Agents Are Scum

I would like to express my extreme disappoinment and disgust with the real estate industry. This bloated sack of parasites who live off of the commission of buying and selling houses and who control rent books, work as little as they possibly can.

I have discovered that some do not bother to show up on the weekends, and have had the legislation written such that they are not legally obliged to deal with you unless you have seen the property in question. Mind you, then average time that a house is available for inspection in the first place is only 15 minutes for which they charge the person who actually owns the place a minimum of $400 for sending someone to stand around and look disinterested.

How is someone who is already working for a living, expected to drop everthing and trape halfway across this city in the first place, to meet with someone for a quarter of an hour with no guarantee that they'll show up in the first place?

From looking at the other side of the accounts, I've more or less come to the conclusion that estate agents are slimy people, who employ back office staff at the absolute minimum wage they possibly can. These people are the leeches of society, the utter scum of the pond, full of sound and wind, contributing... NOTHING!

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One Word Weather With Nelson Mandela

The weather, yes - My disposition, no.

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