March 21, 2008

Horse 871 - I Can Do Rhymes, Time After Time(s)

It has often been said to me that there are not rhymes in the English Language for Purple, Orange and Silver. I hope to lay this rumour to be but replace it with a whole slew of other words for of which rhyming words exist, I know not.

Hurple - To hobble along with one leg dragging along behind the other.
Curple - is the leather strap passing under a horse's tail and is buckled to the saddle to stop it slipping forwards. It can also refer the rump or hindquarters of a horse in general usage.

Chilver - is the correct and proper name for a ewe lamb. Interestingly the name for a young male lamb is the same as a castrated lamb - a whether; why this is the case I also know not.

Sporange - any plant or fungal system that contains spores. Although it's debateable whether this should be included as the singular for Sporangia which includes the whole panoply of Sporanges, for utility, there simply isn't any other singular.
Borange - that little decorative thing that hangs down off the end of a curtain tie. The most common place to find a borange is on a Portiere or a curtained doorway if you will.

I however know of no rhymes for the following:
Almond, angry, angst, anxious, aspirin, bachelor, breadth, bulbous, calumny, cannabis, caveat, chaos, chimney, chocolate, circus, citrus, citizen, condom, denizen, depth, diamond, different, eighth, elbow, else, empty, engine, fifth, film, foible, fugue, galaxy, glimpsed, gulf, golf, hostage, husband, iron, justice, laundry, luggage, monster, month, mulcts, ninth, neutron, obvious, office, olive, pint, pedant, penguin, pizza, plankton, plinth, promise, reptile, sanction, sandwich, shadow, transfer, twelfth, vacuum, width, wolf

Anyone who wishes to take up the challenge them please feel free to hunt and find them.

And now:

Kofi Considers

Generally speaking Mr Annan most multi-syllable words do not have perfect rhymes. Well Considered!

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