June 12, 2008

Horse 884 - 30-0 QUEENSLAND!!!

QUEENSLAND 30 - New South Wales 0, dud, zero, blot & egg.

What a way to arrive back in this wonderful Australian country which we call Australia with none other than the Rugby League State of Origin which is played according to the highest principles on the planet - those principles being: "Peace through violence, harmony through brutality and getting everyone to shut-up and behave just like us or they’ll cop a boot up the date and a fist of fives." It's State vs State, Mate vs Mate and if you happen to be Russell Phone-Thrower Crowe it's also Hate vs Hate. What bigger chapter in the Book of Feuds is there than this? Where else can you find spitting, dacking, wedgies, gouging, groping, pig-rooting, fighting and roughhousing broadcast live on telly in this wide BROWN land.

Only last week whilst I was out of the country, Willie "The Brains Trust" Mason had proclaimed that there would be 65,000 "nutbag redneck" Queenslanders filling The Cauldron, notwithstanding the fact that it only holds 52,500 people.

King Darius Boyd crossed twice, The Ambitious Walker Hannant who still looks very slow and 1967 Folau all shoved the pill to the deck while Thurston put them over the bar. The Cockroaches played like a bunch of White Flag merchants as they didn't break their egg. 30-Blot... 30-BLOT is disgraceful and it should be stomped out of the game. Everyone wearing a blue shirt should be given instant life bans from playing the code. What sort of message does this send out to the kiddies? It truly is chilli on the stick stuff and I HATE IT.

So we move to Game III, after which we can all put the card table away until the Festival of the Boot Parts 1 & 2 sponsored by Frosty Lahood Motors Australia.

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James said...

Ahhh, the return of Rollo :)