June 25, 2008

Horse 891 - Coloured for Speed

The following shot is from the currently running film Speed Racer.

It is without doubt the most colourful film I have ever seen in my life. If you ever wanted to know what being on LSD would be like (I'm NOT speaking from experience), then this would be the film to go and see.

Growing up as a kid, Speed Racer's Mach 5 was easily one of the coolest cars on television. Now obviously cars like this never existed in real life, I mean who'd honestly have a set of jump jacks or a couple of saws fitted to the front of their car? So when I heard that the Wachowski Bros. of The Matrix and V for Vendetta fame were going to make a "live action" film, I immediately wanted to go and see it irrespective of how crap the reviews were going to be.

And that is the point of the film, it's very very cartoony. People use cars as weapons, never mind the anti-corporate message throughout the film when itself cost $29 million US to make, or the fact that the tracks they race on have loops, no runoff or barriers either.

I so wish I'd bought the double volume comic whilst I was in America now.

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