June 19, 2009

Horse 1004 - The Ultimate Fantasy Football Team

Since we're in the off season, and this time of year usually doesn't revolve around football, I though I'd ask a semi-related football question.

If you were to pick the "Ultimate Fantasy Football Team" from any period in history, with people who might not necessarily have been football players, then who would you include?

I came up with the following (kit numbers are symbolic):

1 GK - Idi Amin
- nothing gets past him, not even pies. The way I figure it, he'd physically take up a lot of space; have an imposing presence. He'd ruthlessly rule from behind and he was already a boxing champion and a rugby player.

39 LB - Joseph Stalin
76 CB - Aelius Hadrian
40 CB - Winston Churchill
13 RB - Sun Tsu
- who all understood what having a good defence meant. Although Stalin's tactics were often questionable, he knew how to stop advances dead. Hadrian would be a good stopper, and in case of penalties could build a wall. Churchill wouldn't ever give up and had experience fighting on the beaches and in the streets. Sun Tsu said that "Invincibility lies in the defence"

17 LM - Manfred von Richthofen
27 RM - Charles Lindbergh
- they were both good on the wings. Having Richtofen in the squad would invariably turn this circus into the "Ace of Clubs" and Lindbergh would play with a lot of Spirit.

70 CM - John D Rockerfeller
48 CM - Karl Marx
- who both liked "centralism" but for different reasons. Marx would necessarily play on the left, and Rockerfeller would be on the far right.

26 ST - Ernest Bevin
05 ST - Alfred von Schlieffen
- Ernest Bevin as a Trade Union leader, knew a thing or two about having a good "strike" and Von Schlieffen had a brilliant attack plan and I reckon would have played better if the management had allowed him to.

The question as to why I didn't put Jesus in as Goalkeeper because "Jesus Saves" should be fairly obvious as everyone knows that "Rugby is the game they play in heaven"

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