June 22, 2009

Horse 1006 - Some Say... that it's a big Hoax.


Some say that that he knows two facts about ducks... and they're both wrong. Others say that is heart is in upside-down, and that he once gave a microwave oven to a tramp. All we know is that he's still called The Stig.

BBC's Top Gear has created what is probably the biggest stir since Kristin Shepard shot J.R Ewing (Who shot J.R?), but ultimately the announcement that Michael Schumacher is The Stig is fundamentally flawed.

Video Here:

The reason is thus: The original airing dates are wrong for Michael Schumacher to be the Stig.

The Dunsfold Park segments of Top Gear are filmed midweek on either a Tuesday or a Wednesday, then cut and go through editing and post-production suitable for airing between three and five weeks later.

The Black Stig sort of well... disappeared into the ocean in the first episode of Series 3. White Stig appears from Series 3, Episode 2 onwards which was first aired on November 2, 2003.

The problem is that Michael Schumacher can't have been the White Stig from 2003 - 2006 because he was a full-time contracted driver with the Ferrari F1 team.

Series 3 went from 26 October, 2003 - 28 December, 2003. Series 4 went from 9 May, 2004 - 1 August, 2004, Series 6 went from 22 May, 2005 - 7 August, 2005 and Series 8 went from 7 May, 2006 - 30 July, 2006.
All of these would have conflicted very heavily with the Formula One calendar.

Are they seriously trying to tell us that Schumacher flew in some cases half-way around the world several times a week for the filming of Top Gear and then back to whereever the F1 circus was? Sorry, but there just aint enough days in the week; even if you are seven times world champion...

... but is it possible if you are the Stig?

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